3rd Asia Intel Senior Trainer Conference

July 5th to 14th I will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the 3rd Asia Intel Senior Trainer Conference, (thanks to the DOE Victoria and Intel). While most of that time I will be with educators from a number of Australasian countries, some of the time I will be a tourist! I’ll be posting here whenever I can get to a network connection!


2 thoughts on “3rd Asia Intel Senior Trainer Conference

  1. Hi Alan, I really liked your childhood story when explaining your Blog title and its application to the art of teaching which should be exciting, challenging and thinking out of the square we usually live in. Enjoy Malaysia and its possibilities and come back safely to Australia. The land of the Yonnie!!


  2. Hi Dad
    So I’m now discovering that leaving a message for you on your blog involves doing maths – and getting it right – and also learning the lesson that I need to copy my messages BEFORE clicking submit because if I get the thing wrong (which I am likely to do) then you lose EVERYTHING.

    I Was going to say.. Have a lovely trip, don’t get abducted by strange buddhist monkeys and we’ll be checking back here every day for updates, my previous message was much more wordy, but this will have to do!

    Love you lots, Rachel


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