Food – weird but very nice (and cheap too!)

I’ll add to this post as I find new things.

This is a prized fruit called Durian. It is so spiky that it is handled with gloves and it’s a bit larger than a coconut. You are not permitted to take them into hotels as they smell so strongly it can stink out a large area. Now here is the weird part. He smell is horrible; it smells like vomit, yet it is very sweet to eat and popular. (I haven’t tried it yet… we’ll see.)

Durian and other fruitsRice fields

Roadside sellers and baby
The picture below is of rice fields. Roadside sellers are everywhere. I took the picture below mostly because of how this family had suspended their baby in the blue sack.

For breakfast on the second day I had “chicken bacon”. I wondered what this was at first. Had the crossed a pig with a chicken? Was this once a pig that had been fed on chickens or visa versa? Was it a hybrid animal – a pigken or maybe a chig? No, it was none of these, it was just what it said. Slices of chicken interspersed with pieces of ham and cooked like bacon. It was nice; different, but nice. For lunch I had a corn smoothie and a seaweed floss croissant in the Petronas Towers shopping centre. Despite the names they were delicious and very refreshing in the heat. I have also enjoyed Nasi Goreng ( the famous emperor who built the great wall of China according to the broadband advert), ABC ( Ais Batu Campur) which is a deliciously refreshing desert made of shaved ice, a milky substance, red beans, something that looks like peas but is squishy, and mixed fruit. You kind of eat, drink and munch on it. Maybe that all sounds gross but it was very cooling. It cost 4RM. Everyone is big on fruit and vegetables here which is no doubt why there are few overweight Malaysians.


2 thoughts on “Food – weird but very nice (and cheap too!)

  1. Hi Dad,

    Not long now and we’ll have you home again 🙂 The ABC sounds very much like a drink I had in the city not long ago called a Lucky Cup – had different fruits, wild yam tea, ‘pudding’ – like custard and sago – made in front of your eyes and vacuum sealed with Hello Kitty plastic – lots of chewing involved 😛


  2. Yes I think I will try making them at home. We also tried Durian. You can see a picture of it above. Very popular and one the locals carry on about it. The consistency of it is I suppose sort of like avocado (sort of). The taste was at first just bearable, but then the terrible after taste which lingered for hours; a raw onion taste. One colleague described the taste of durian as being like putting an old smelly sock in your mouth and sucking on it! I agree!


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