Kuala Lumpur: Visiting the City

July 7th

KL SentralI caught the LRT train into the city after buying an all day ticket for 7RM (about 1/5th of the cost of the Melbourne equivalent. I travelled to KLCC station and had an experience similar to when Pat and I went to London and came out of Windsor station scanning the area looking for Big Ben and found ourselves at the base of it with the massive clock towering over us. Well it was déjà vu all over again as someone once said. I came out of the station and looked around and couldn’t see it until I looked up. It loomed overhead. I did not try to go up the towers. It is quite a hassle with long queues and I decided I would go up the KL Tower instead.

Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin TowersPetronas Twin Towers close upMotor bikes everywhere!

I walked from Petronas twin towers to the KL Tower. Pedestrian comfort is not always a priority it would seem. The pedestrian lights have the usual picture of a man in red standing still, more or less as we do. However, when it is green and go things are different to Oz. The little green man is not just green but moving, and he is not walking he is running! This is appropriate as there is also a timer counting down from 16 seconds to zero when the traffic takes off whether you are off the road or not. This 16 second period seems to be universal irrespective of how wide the intersection you are negotiating happens to be. This works fine for smaller roads, but in big intersections (ie a twin road with 3 lanes on each side) you do indeed have to RUN! Also the footpaths vary greatly in quality. Check out the footpath below.

The above road took me to the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve (or the City Forest). There was a very (I mean VERY), steep walk. Half way up I saw this sign that said, and I quote exactly what it said, “For your own safety, you are advised to leave the area in cases of rain/storm. The department will not be held responsible on any accidents on visitors.”
Spider in the City ForestCity Forest signCity Forest - Mud high up tree
I wondered how rain could warrant such a sign. Maybe the paths became a bit slippery and someone had sprained their ankle? It was made clear to me when I saw this tree about 20 metres further up the path from the sign.

Note the mud (recently deposited) that has been obviously placed there by not a trickle but a torrent. Anyone for white water rafting? I will confess to checking the sky at that point since rain was forecast!

At the top of the long long long walk way, there was a fitness circuit and a camping ground with about six security people watching about 3 campers. I was approached by an Indian man who was inexplicably excited that I was from Australia but spoke very poor English. He showed me his passport for reasons that were not clear to me at first. As we walked together ie he following me, he revealed that the wanted to come to Australia but had been refused and he needed to have a sponsor. I suggested that he tried to do so through a business contact, shook his hand and said good bye. He continued to walk with me speaking of a sponsor. I said I could not help him and he continued walking with me until we reached the KL Tower. I said good bye again and walked away. He followed me until I went on the tour. I did not feel unsafe with him; I just do not know what he really expected of a stranger.

The KL Tower was awesome being over half a kilometre high. The trip to the observation deck cost 20RM.

The view from the top was like being in a plane. Below is the “forest” I had just walked through. It did not look so large from up in the tower.

View from KL tower
View from the KL Tower

KL Tower Observation DeckKL Tower
Far Left: On the observation deck. Above: A view of the twin towers from the KL Tower. Left: The tower from about 500m from its base.


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