Exam revision resource – 2006 exam

Worked answers for the 2006 exam have been posted on the Specialist Maths wiki. Using these examinations will give you a guide to the flow of both examinations -timing, the way questions are worded, what examiners are looking for (as I have included the examiner’s comments) and so on. You will notice that they will deduct a mark for simple things like: not rounding off to the nearest unit (or one decimal place to whatever is specified in the question), or for not including units or for not noting words like “hence” (which means to use information from the previous question/s). Please note this as it would be a pity to get a question right – for example if the answer was 53 m/s and you only wrote 53, and you lost a mark just for leaving off the units! Don’t do this to yourself!


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