Welcome to Specialist Maths 2008!

Ok, so it’s still 2007 I know, but there is no time to waste, so let’s get started! Anyway, let’s face it, you only would have spent the holidays laying around, socialising with your friends, eating good food, swimming at the beach and other boring activities. Thanks to me you now have something to do! (You can express your appreciation to me later!).

There are four things that I want you to do:
1. Post a reply to this blog entry (be nice!). When you do your reply will be held for moderation. As long as you are someone in my Specialist Maths class I will allow your comment and you will now be able to freely post to this blog in the future.

2. Subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog. This will automatically notify you whenever a post is made. Subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog by clicking the feed image RSS at the bottom of the column on the right.

3. Go to the Kambrya Specialist maths wiki and log in. You will need to be invited to this space before you can do this.

4. Once you have access to the wiki follow the instructions on the first page. you will need to download and install the SmartBoard software in order to be able to open the files I have uploaded there.

5. Make a mailing list on your home computer so that you can notify everyone in the class of anything that you find of interest.

6. Make an account at http://del.icio.us. Create a network and add me (user name athwaites) and I will add you. Please do not use nicknames only as I will have no idea who Gazz, Shazz or Lollylegs are!

Welcome to Specialist Maths. I am looking forward to working with you all in 2008!


9 thoughts on “Welcome to Specialist Maths 2008!

  1. OK Tom, you win the first to post honour! As for the “exercise book” pages you asked about, you need to install the SmartBoard Notebook software to open it. The link for this is on the Specialist Maths wiki (the Smartech link). Once you have installed this software (which you are licensed to have as Kambrya has Smartboards), then download the files on the wiki and save them. From there they should just open. If not, then get back to me.
    Mr Thwaites


  2. whoa! my antispam word is whoa?!
    lol this is Mao
    Mao is me
    me makes up the identity of Mao, and Mao consists wholly of me and myself alone…
    lol enough said… waiting for approval for wiki, otherwise all coooool~~~

    maybe i should get on some work….


  3. No Ricky, although I can save the files as pdf. However, the reason I prefer to leave them as SmartBoard Notebook files is that they still can be edited. This is especially useful if you have some sort of graphics tablet. Even without this you can still make use of the editing tools in the software. All this is lost if I convert the files to pdf.


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