Your Preferred Learning Styles

There are many ways that we go about learning. Go to the VARK questionnaire and complete it to find what kinds of learning methods best suit you. (VARK is an acronym for the four ways of learning: Visual, Aural, Read-write and Kinesthetic. About 60% of people are multimodal which means that we can learn in a number of different ways.)

Once you have completed the questionnaire you will know what ways of learning suits you best. You should then complete the following two tasks:-

1. Go to Google Docs and enter your Preferred Learning Styles profile on the appropriate sheet. You will need to have a Google account to do this. You will also need an invitation from me, which I will arrange once I have your email address. The information from you all posted in Google Docs will allow me to provide for you tasks and examples in ways that best sui your preferred learning styles.

2. Look at the VARK Help sheets which will give you information on the most effective ways to study for your preferred learning styles.

Here is a Google Docs tutorial from uploaded by user trenton7.

Download Video: Posted by trenton7 at


9 thoughts on “Your Preferred Learning Styles

  1. Hello Mr Thwaites,
    I was wondering whether you would be able to help me understand how I can upload the preferred learning styles onto google docs, its all confusing for me at the moment.


  2. Hi Larissa,
    Click the Google Docs link above. When you get there get a free Google account (if you have a gmail account then just use that. Once you have an account you will be able to login to Google docs. Once I have invited you (and you have been too quick for me), you will be able to add your Preferred Learning Styles results. You will know when you can do this once you receive an email from me about Google Docs.
    Mr Thwaites


  3. Hi Mr.Thwaites,
    This is Sarah Walker, from Yr 11 Math Methods. I will sign up to the RSS feeds. Looking forward to Math Methods next year.
    See you in 2008!


  4. Thanks Sarah, I’m looking forward to it too! 🙂 Yes using RSS feeds is the smart way to save time with wikis and blogs. I almost have the Maths Methods wiki ready and will post the address in this blog sometime this coming week with your work for the holidays in it. Thanks for getting on with this. Mr Thwaites


  5. Hi Mr. Thwaites,

    Corey Fielding here, from Year 11 Math Methods 1/2. I have created a Google Docs account and have completed the preferred learning style quiz. I now await your invite.

    Also, would you be able to tell me exactly what needs to be done by first lesson. I have printed out Chapter 1 (Ex 1.1 to 1.4) assignment as well as Extended response. What else needs to be completed?



  6. Hi Corey, You need to complete Ex 1.1 to 1.4 and then the assignment as you say. Help videos for 1.1 to 1.4 are posted on the blog over various dates through December and January. You should follow the instructions, and use the resources, that are posted in the Blog posts starting from December 9, Dec 11 and so on. Make sure you do the exercises before you do the assignment. See you next week. 🙂


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