Maths Methods 1/2 “Holiday” Work for Dec 2007-Jan 2008

Welcome to Maths Methods Units 1 and 2. I hope you will find this way of working together not just different, but also very support of your learning. Please use it to the full.

To recap what you directed to do in your lessons during the Orientation Program:
1. You should already have followed the instructions in the Preferred Learning Styles post of 25/11. As of today just 7 of you have completed this task. Well done to those who have done so. Remember that this all starts with you simply sending your email address to me. Once you have sent me your email address I will invite you to join the Kambrya Maths Methods Wiki where all your work is posted (I cannot do this until you have sent me your email address.)

2. Have you subscribed to the RSS feed for this blog? If you did you will have received immediate notification that this post was made. That is the whole point of RSS feeds. (If you are unsure about RSS feeds then check the post on 25/11.)

3. You should have installed the SmartBoard software on your home computer (otherwise you will not be able to open the files I have placed on the Maths Method Wiki for you to work through).

4. You should go to the Maths Methods Wiki and download the files in the section called Families of Curves. Remember you will have to log in to the Wiki as this is a private Wiki space. You cannot login until I have invited you. I cannot invite you until you send me your email address! (Do you get the sequence?)

5. In mid January I will post the solutions to the work on the Wiki for you to download. I will also post your first assignment which is due on the first lesson of 2008. (no excuses!)

This will give us an excellent start to what will be a busy but satisfying year for us all. I’m really looking forward to working with you as a group. Please email me if you have any issues. You can also post to this blog.


8 thoughts on “Maths Methods 1/2 “Holiday” Work for Dec 2007-Jan 2008

  1. Hey Mr Thwaites
    I’m having a bit of difficulty with the wiki space. I am pretty sure you have invited me to the maths methods wiki but I can’t access it are you able to check if I have been added yet or not?


  2. Hi Mr Thwaites
    I am trying to download the smartboard software to access the homework but I’m struggling a bit with where to get it from, would you be able to send me to the webiste where I can download it please?
    Thanks heaps


  3. Hi Larissa,
    I just posted the link in another blog entry. Thanks for letting me know your difficulty. You probably aren’t the only one. Let me know if you have any further problems with this. Mr Thwaites


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