Accessing Support Material on the Wiki – Downloading Interactive Whiteboard Software

Following requests from some of you, I thought I would put the link for the software needed by Specialist Maths and Yr 11 Maths Methods students for accessing the files on the Wikis. It is on the Wikis, but you could not see it unless you joined the Wiki (for which you MUST email me. (Have you done this yet?) Most of the support material uploaded to the Wikis has made using SmartBoard Notebook files. These are files that are used on the interactive whiteboard we use in class.

To read these files you will need to install SmartBoard software on your home computer. Under the licensing agreement this is permissible for students and teachers of Kambrya College, which owns a number of SmartBoards.

To download this software go to Version 9.7 for windows (or whatever your operating system may be if it is not Windows).

The installation file is over 100Mb. If you have an issue with this bring along a USB drive and I will give you a copy. You will not be able to read the support material without installing this software. You will only have to do this once and will not need to update the software in 2008 unless you want to do that. Pick a time such as early morning (6am or something) if your connection is slow.


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