Maths Methods Assignment on 1.1 to 1.4

This assignment is due on the 1st Maths period of 2008.

Assignment for 1.1 to 1.4: Extended Answer QuestionsAssignment for 1.1 to 1.4: Short Answer Questions

Now that you have completed the Exs from 1.1 to 1.4, you are ready to complete the assignment below. The questions are from your Maths Methods Units 1 & 2 text, so if you have the text now you can just go to pages 33 and 34.

How to best view these files.

The files are jpg picture files of the questions. For the best way to view these files, right click and then choose "save target as" to save the files to your computer. Then either print the files or just view the questions on screen – saves on paper and ink, but not on electricity – which is produced by burning coal … Yikes! Also, while I am in the mood to rabbit on about saving the planet, how much electricity does your printer use anyway?

To print or not to print, that is the question! What do you think? Post your thoughts using the comments link below.


8 thoughts on “Maths Methods Assignment on 1.1 to 1.4

  1. Thanks for posting up the Assignment. I have the textbook, so that will make it easy for me.

    All I have to do now is finish of the bit I have left and get onto the assignment. =)

    Thanks again;



  2. Well… I would probably look at it without printing it. But, then …. how much electricity would my computer use? I would probably need to look at it for an hour or so, and so that would use a bit of electricity.

    I’d probably (if I had time) compare printer and computer; although I think I’d print it. Although that would waste paper….


  3. Hiya
    i just thought i would put my point of view across!!!
    I like maths and i do my homework, when it is given in class!!!
    I have only checked this blog because my friend told me there was extra work!!
    If she had not done so i would not have checked and therefore have incomplete homework,as i have only just checked today my homework will be incomplete anyway.
    I think that homework should be given in class so it can be throughly explained and not done through some website. I am sure many people will agree with me on this one, and would hope in the future that all work wil be given in person.
    Although i think the website is good, i do not think posting new topics of work on here is benifical to fellow students.
    This comment is not to be rude, but allow you to understand that this is not how i would like to learn in the future!
    thank you very much


  4. Hi Zigourney,
    Thanks for you feedback. I’ll start by saying that I did not take you comments to be rude; I need to know what people think. I am glad that you like maths and that you do your homework. I am also glad that I can sense in your post that you are anxious about “incomplete homework” as you expressed it. It shows that you care about your work, which is excellent. There are some students who did not email me over the holidays, as I requested during Orientation, and to be honest I am not very interested in starting off the year in conflict with students over it. It was all intended to get you off to a good start, not to distress anyone. So please don’t be concerned about it and we’ll sort it out when you arrive. Also, please don’t think that you are going to walk in and have me get into you about it; that won’t happen. What I wanted was for you all to get set up and practiced in using these resources so we could just get straight into it from the start. Some students have done that and I have been in regular communication with them through the holidays as they worked through the exercises and some I haven’t heard form at all. Having said that please note the comments in the post dated 30th January, 2008. (

    I am a bit puzzled by your comment that you didn’t know about work being posted on the blog as I discussed this in class and gave you all a hand out explaining this. Thirteen students responded to this and have a least completed some of the online work that I set. As you would know, all students (Yr 11 and 12) were given homework to do over the holiday break and this was the work that I set.

    I take your point about introducing a new topic like this and some of the work certainly did go beyond what we discussed in class, which was why I made the detailed support videos. Usually what is posted will be support work and not new work, so, as I said before, it is not intended to replace classroom instruction, but just support it.

    I hope that this makes the reasoning behind the blog clearer to you anyway Zigourney and that you feel less stressed about the work. You will be given additional time to do it when we get back. You will also get further instruction on how the Wiki and Blog works to support your learning. I am sure you will find it very supportive once you understand how it all works.

    I’m looking forward to working with this class this year and getting to know you all.

    See you soon. 🙂

    Mr Thwaites


  5. Thank you for taking you time and clearing up any worries I had. I very much appreciate it, even though I am not in your class this year due to timetable problems.
    thanks once again


  6. Hi sir, do you have any maths methods support videos from 1.1 to 1.4 ? ( Year 11) I need to do some refferences as I dont really understand what i’ve just read from the text book.


  7. Hi Emica,
    There are support videos for all of the exercises on the blog. You need to search back through the posts and you will find them. They have all been posted over December and January. They should be easy to find.

    Good on you for getting on with this. 🙂

    Mr Thwaites


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