Intel Essentials Online – Showcase Feedback

Please post your feedback for the Make Good Choices: Choose Your Future Unit, developed through the Intel Essentials Online Course. You can do this by replying to the post by clicking the “Comments” link at the bottom left of this post. Thank you for your opinions and comments. (Unit Showcase is located at the course Wiki – go to “Alan’s Showcase”).

Evaluation Criteria Comments

Consider the following as you review the portfolio:
1. Where are students learning 21st century and higher-order thinking skills?
2. Are there elements of a project-approach to learning? How does that approach appear to enhance student learning?
3. Do the facilitation materials or the student support materials help to facilitate a student-centered classroom?

The table below provides a feedback guide (pasted from the Intel Essentials Online Feedback Form).



Introductory Document or Presentation


Ideas for Improvement

Sample Summative Assessment


Ideas for Improvement



Ideas for Improvement

Support or Facilitation Resource


Ideas for Improvement



Ideas for Improvement

Entire Unit


Ideas for Improvement

Appears to have followed copyright laws (For example, identifies copyright owners where multimedia elements are used)


8 thoughts on “Intel Essentials Online – Showcase Feedback

  1. Hi Alan 🙂
    Although I”m not your share pair buddy, I took a look at your showcase. I’m glad I did as there are ideas I can take and it’s inspiring to see a highly developed project – regarding pedagogy and ICT.
    The VCE students are set up to achieve great outcomes. They have many resources at their finger tips and are empowered to go and find other information.

    3 questions, 2 comments, 1 suggestion Feedback

    1) What time of day was the expo? will parents be present?

    2) Is the expo for their peers in other classes?

    3) Will students use Delicious to tract and share the sites they find to complete the project?

    I didn’t think of using video instructions. I think it explains it clearly through demonstration. the change in media from print to moving image is also a novelty.

    The podcast way of presenting is good for struggling students. I never thought of that possibility before.

    I will remind the students that my space is like wiki and blog, it does require similar skills.

    Could an ex student return to speak about their experiences post secondary life?

    Congratulations! You have obviously worked hard to get your amazing project organised.
    Best wishes


  2. Thanks for your feedback Jaclyn. In answer to your questions: 1) the students will decide when the Expo will be. Certainly it will be held during school hours so that other students can attend, but holding it in the evening as well would be very beneficial for them too. Suggestions I would be making for them to consider would be a 12:30 to 9pm Expo, or an afternoon pus an evening/Saturday morning. or some other combination. Alternatively, or perhaps additionally, having an online Expo would be fun (Oh … and educational as well! 🙂 ). 2) Yes it is for others student, both within their year level and outside it. I believe that presenting this information to their peers will reinforce their learnings to them as well as the observers. 3) Using some sort of Social Bookmarking application is part of the Unit. I am thinking of using Diigo rather than Del.ici.ous as it has website highlighting and annotation tools (which Del.ici.ous does not).

    Thanks for your feedback Jaclyn.



  3. Hi Alan 🙂
    sorry to have missed the Diigo. I haven’t checked out Social Bookmarking yet, the highlighting and application tools of Diigo sound beneficial rather than Del.ici.ous

    Best wishes


  4. Introductory Document or Presentation
    I think bringing in actual case studies and factual information about the reality of making choices is an effective way to get the students attention. 21st century skills and PBL are clearly supported and developed in this unit. The video instructions are just one example how you are catering for a variety of learning styles – supported by the visual demonstration.

    Gauging needs presentation – not in wikki portfolio however I remember seeing it at the face to face training.

    Student Sample Summative Assessment
    WOW! I am struggling to find areas of improvement for your assessment!! It is detailed, thorough, the sections are clearly linked to the UQ and VELS.

    Student Sample
    Are they your students from last year? It was great to see the variety of responses and how the question was interpreted by different people. I also like the fact that the students can view each others responses – as with me, I will admit, I have often checked other peoples work before completing my part to double check I am on track.

    How do you monitor the students that don’t complete everything you have asked them to in their post? I noticed some people didn’t actually address your all your questions – is that done through self assessment – do they just end up getting a lower mark or are they required to go back and edit it?

    Student Support or Facilitation Resource
    Your checklist is detailed, clear and concise. I think it is great how you have included all aspects of the unit in it – ie not just the tasks to be completed but all steps including review and assessment – showing even further linking to promoting 21st century skills and further enhancing a PBL classroom.

    Other resources
    I am amazed at how you operate your blogs and wikis – I see so much potential in it as a communication tool and as a support to PBL. I also think it is a great idea to get the students to form their own evaluation of presentation framework.
    Very impressed with your teachertube for blog and wiki explanaition – it was helpful to me too!

    Entire Unit Portfolio
    An excellent Unit Portfolio with clear links to real life learning and an important life skill / area to think about at this age. It shows clear links to the mathematical concepts addressed (important for the teachers that are afraid of this type of learning). I feel you are completely on top of this unit and will see success. Clear referencing of multimedia tools.

    I remember seeing your gauging needs presentation at the face to face training – but couldn’t see it in your portfolio.
    You could have a guess speaker – ie TAC or local law enforcer to talk to the kids and then they could come back to view the final presentation.
    Could even linked it further to look at effectiveness of the Drink Drive commercial Campaign (or another department can).

    Alan, what a marvellous project – I would have really enjoyed taking part in this when I did ‘vegie maths’ all those years ago. The unit is a great example of promoting PBL – through the use of effective questions, guidance and ICT tools and knowing just how much to framework and when to step back.
    I think this unit is clearly important at this age as they are about to leave school, get their licence and take on many responsibilities. With all the racing / speeding issues I have been hearing about in the news – I think that it will be of service to the community.

    I am very impressed and apologise if I haven’t been that useful in providing ‘further improvements’ I think your unit is at the stage of actually trialling it this year and then reassessing after the unit to see what worked and what didn’t! Good luck and let me know how it goes!


  5. Thanks Helen, I really appreciate your very detailed feedback. The unit, as a basic idea, is something I have done with Foundation Maths students (Yr 11) in years past. Last year was the first year I used Blogs for students to post their responses to the Curriculum Framing Questions (which I have now made more focussed). As you observed, students left posts that were shallow, and some did not really address the question. For many of the students they do not enjoy written responses, (some would rather chew on broken glass than write an essay), and it was necessary to have a one on one discussion with them to determine what they had learned. On questioning them on their learnings all of them were able to give detailed verbal responses to the CFQs. I was particularly impressed with how they were able to explain what responsible alcohol consumption would look like, for them personally, over a whole range of scenarios that I presented them with. So I was satisfied with the unit in this respect. However, two aspects of their work needed improvement. You mentioned them both and this is what I have tried to address here.

    The quality of the Blog posts was an issue. As you observed they are brief, shallow and many were off target, so I wanted to tighten this. I hope to achieve this through the formative assessment tool on Blog posts that you viewed. Using this they will know exactly what I will be looking for in their posts. This was lacking when I did the unit the first time. Actually this whole matter of the quality and appropriateness of a student’s Blog post is something I really want to focus on this year in all my classes.

    Also I am expecting the checklist will be helpful to keep them moving through all the areas (I found it useful in the Intel Essentials Online course myself), but as they check off a tasks and stages, they need to be accountable to another person, I believe, as a quality verification. So if they have checked off something, they need to justify, at that time, that the task is completed in harmony with a whole range of criteria. Have tried with this unit to have a range of assessments blended with almost everything they do.

    Thanks for your suggestions and thorough feedback Helen. 🙂


  6. Hi Alan

    I can only echo much of what Helen and Jaclyn have said in congratulating you on such an innovative project.

    The project serves a real purpose and the response you’ve had from the students, though varied in quality as you acknowledge, demonstrate the potential of web 2.0 in encouraging our kids to write. VCAL boys are the toughest nuts to crack. Perhaps a preliminary planning document (perhaps a collaborative document) might help them cystalise their thinking prior to blogging. Perhaps the option of creating and posting a video response could be floated?

    Your assessment documents are very clear and the rubric is a comprehensive guide for the students. Wondering how closely the students referred back to it. This has been an issue for me with my students. We have to train them!!

    Great stuff and thanks again for your hard work.



  7. Meant to add that using video for student support is a great idea. Wiki works beautifully for this..though I couldn’t get your videos to work!! Not sure why…?


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