Why Use a Blog and Wiki in Mathematics?

The Blog and Wiki are additional support your learning, and are not intended to replace the 5 periods per week that we shall be spending together this year. Here are some comments that will help you understand where the Blog and Wiki fit in as supports to your learning.

1. The videos on the Blog are made by me so that you can watch and listen to detailed explanations of how you do the problems you are set. The best thing about them is that they are available to you 24/7 ( so you can watch them when YOU feel like it and when it fits in with your personal schedule). You can also play the explanations, in full or in part, as many times as you need to do. They are also there for you when you are revising for tests and exams.

2. I won’t often be posting questions (or assignments) on the Wiki in the future as the questions are taken directly from your text book. You will, as you are accustomed be given these in class usually. What I will continue to do (as I have done through December and January) is post very detailed answers to the questions I have set you. All this is support that is in addition to the usual support you will get in the classroom (as you are accustomed) and it increases the level of support you have for your learning enormously.

3. Students who are away from school for some reason will be able to access the Blog and Wiki, which contain videos that contain explanations of work just like what would see and hear in a class (except that you can replay them). Questions can be asked through email or as Blog posts. It is not meant to replace classwork. It is a very powerful support arrangement once you appreciate the point of it.

4. I might point out too that for me personally, it is much easier to just come to class, teach the lesson, and leave it at that. It’s a lot of extra work for me to do this. I mention this because I am sure that you understand that it would be pretty dumb of me to do all this extra work if I didn’t think that you would get a lot out of it. That would just be a waste of my time and yours as I am sure you realise. So I have set up this Blog and Wiki, and will continue to use them, because it provides you with far more support than classroom teaching alone could ever do.


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