Algebra of Polynomials, Ex 2.1 and Ex 2.2 solutions

Worked solutions to all of the questions in Exercises 2.1 and 2.2 have now been posted on the Maths Methods Wiki (see link under Kambrya College in right hand menu).


3 thoughts on “Algebra of Polynomials, Ex 2.1 and Ex 2.2 solutions

  1. Thanks for that, it has really helped me to understand some of those tough ‘sounding’ questions. They are really quite easy once you see someone else do them!

    I noticed that you wrote down the bottom of the wikispaces page that you would be posting the remainder of the exercises over the next week or so. Does this mean 1.1 – 1.4 or something else? Because I am really struggling to understand any or 1.4 and some of the higher up questions in 1.3.




  2. I have actually completed all of the assignment (all except for 2 questions anyway) and have been doing what I can of the other exercises because I feel that I am falling behind. I have completed about half of 2.1 and have printed out the rest of the worked answers so I can either complete them in class, when I have a free (study) period or for homework some other nights. I would like to bring it to your attention though that I cannot download 2.2 for some reason. It seems that the document is blank and only contains one, empty slide. Is this just me?

    Thanks for all your help and HOPEFULLY I can catch up with all the work I am behind in soon!


  3. I tried downloading 2.2 and the same thing happened to me Corey! A mystery! Anyway I re-uploaded it and it seems OK now. Thanks for pointing this out. Talk to me in class about your other concerns. It is very early in the year remember, so you cannot be too far behind. 🙂


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