Maths Methods Holiday Homework

This third unit will really help you to hone your algebra skills. As you were infomred last week, you are to complete Ex 3.1 and 3.2 over the holidays. Early next week I will post help files on the Maths Methods Wiki along with some support videos.

Visit this blog early next week. Meanwhile have a great hoilday!


One thought on “Maths Methods Holiday Homework

  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering with Chap 3.1, Question 2f, The book and you have both said the answer is always true. Both my dad and I have found that it was NT. I have the working out in my book. I will type it here.

    —- – 1 = 2x+5

    x+3-1 = x+2.5
    x+2 = x+2.5
    x = x+2.5-2
    x = x+0.5
    x-x = 0.5
    0 = 0.5

    ^ I’m not sure if I have worked out anything wrong. Thanks.


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