Practice Exam Solutions

The complete solutions to the practice exam you did last Friday are now posted on the Wiki under the page named “Exams”.


2 thoughts on “Practice Exam Solutions

  1. Hi Mr. Thwaites,

    I was wondering, on the assignment one, the extended question about Profits of the company, on part d. i think it is, it says to ‘Put equation of p(x) into turning point form’

    Would you happen to know what chapter I would be able to find this information in?




  2. Hi Sarah,
    This is off the top of my head as I do not have the practice exam with me, so I am just using the answer you sent, to answer your question as best I can, without the actual questions in front of me.

    This problem is not a straight forward skills question (ie one that you would just find in your text). It uses a number of the skills that are covered in the course and you need to draw on those to answer the questions. Each question gets harder as you work your way through.

    The first is really from Chapt one and three. You would note on the graph that point B sits on the x axis. This means that it is an x intercept and x intercepts always have y = 0 as you know. So, knowing this you would set the equation equal to 0 and solve it. The solving part is from chapt 3, (solving equations).

    The rest of the question goes on more or less like that (as I said it is hard for me to answer precisely without the actual questions with me), but they skills are a mix of graphing (chapt 1) and solving equations (Chapt 3).

    I hope that helps. 🙂


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