Film Crew Visit

Last week Mark Dixon, an eLearning Project Officer and film maker from DEECD (the Victorian Dept of Education and Early Childhood Development), transformed our usual Friday morning Maths Methods lesson into a Hollywood set. Well, I suppose not exactly Hollywood, but Mark, along with camera wielding sidekick Bayden and sound man Glenn (who heart’s desire is to own a Nikon D300), swept into room D7 and started recording everything that moved, spoke or breathed for several hours.
Student being filmed using online Maths resources at home.

The whole process was a learning experience for us. It was fascinating to see how much work goes into producing a recording that, as a final product, will only run for 3 or 4 minutes. Mark and his crew were recording for about five hours in total. During that time they filmed the class in action (so at last I can finally prove to the Principal that I actually do teach sometimes 🙂 ). They recorded students using interactive white boards and accessing resources on the Intranet and internet. They interviewed seven students, two teachers and finally went to the home of one student and filmed her using our online Maths resources. Lastly one parent was interviewed on her views on bringing the classroom into the home through Web2.0.

All in all it was a fun day! Thanks to all students in Block 3 Maths Methods class – you were fantastic! A special thanks to Irene, Cassie, Bronnie, Sarith, Larissa, Louisa and Sarah for their calmness and professionalism while being interviewed under the bright lights- very impressive! Thanks to Ms Day who was her usual charismatic self! A very special thanks to parent Rosemary who was prepared to allow a bunch of strange men with cameras invade her peaceful home and interview her! Lastly thanks to Mark, Bayden and Glenn who gave us a lesson to remember – thanks guys!

Ok everyone, that’s it … now get back to work!


2 thoughts on “Film Crew Visit

  1. Calmness? Professionalism? what are these words you speak of?

    Anyway a bit of fun and bugger all work done..I’d say a good class in all 😛

    Cya tomorrow
    [p.s. I got a new fish]


  2. Calmness indeed Cassie! Now I know that you likely didn’t feel calm inside during the interview, but it is how you LOOK on the outside in such circumstances that really matters! What sort of fish did you get?


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