Rates of Change Ex 6.3

The complete solutions to this exercise have been uploaded to the Maths Methods Wiki. Exercise 6.4, the final exercise for Rates of Change, will be posted late this week. Please be sure to have completed all these exercises before the end of the school holidays. On your return we will be undertaking a problem solving SAC utilising the skills you have learned. I will also prepare some video tutorials on this chapter over the coming week.

Happy holidays!


2 thoughts on “Rates of Change Ex 6.3

  1. Hi,
    I was trying to get a file for 6.3 off the wiki but when i try to open it it says that i have to choice how to open it but what ever program try to open it with it will not work so i can’t anything off the wiki. What program do i have to open it with, or is it because of ny computer or something? Otherwise i am stuck from 6.3 in, and i can’t really do it.


  2. Hi Evangelista,
    The files in the Wiki are all SmartBoard files. You need to install the SmartBoard software on your computer to read them. The instructions for this, and the link to get the software, is found on the first page of the Wiki. You can also get it from the Intranet at school. You will not be able to open the files without this software. Hope this helps.


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