Update on Sarah Jessica Parker’s mole … and Arctic Ice

A German research team has been taking measurements of the thickness of Arctic ice over the last decade. They found that, on average, the ice was 2.6 metres thick in 2004 compared with 1.3 metres thick at the end of the summer in 2007. How exciting! Only one month to go and we will find out if the prediction made by National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado, USA, will come true. Mark Serreze, one of the scientists who works at the centre said, “It’s a 50-50 bet that the thin Arctic sea ice, which was frozen in autumn, will completely melt away at the geographic North Pole”. Cool; they are running a sweep on it. I wonder if the TAB knows about this? So what would that look like? … polar bears extinct 2:1; Inuits forced to dismantle their culture and move to [insert alternative tribal land here] even bet; thousands of walruses forced to come ashore due to lack of ice 10:1 – Oh wait, not the last one won;t work – it happened last year!

Anyway, apparently Sarah Jessica’s trademark mole is still missing. She couldn’t have frozen it off due to the ice shortage … perhaps it has gone off to start a career of its own? Actually, there was a movie back in 1956 called The Mole People … maybe there is going to be a remake?


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