Antidifferentiation and Applications of Differential Calculus

Well we really are getting into calculus now! The work you completed in the introduction differential calculus (Chapter 11) gave us the basics of differentiation and antidifferentiation. The complete solutions to Ex11.4 have been posted on the Wiki. Now though we are ready to start using calculus. This brings me to the thing I hate the most about doing maths … graphs! I don’t know why, but if I get too many graph problems to do I just start to loose the will to live! 😦 Now I wouldn’t want to lie to you and say that there is no graphing in the work we are plunging into right now, but there are very few graphs and that can only be good as far as I am concerned. So what is the bad news? None! Calculus is cool! Once you get to understand a few basic rules it makes life so much easier.

Now if you have nothing better to do you might like to look at this short video on how cool and useful calculus can be. (I just want to distance myself from the content though and point out that it was Ms Day who found this video!)


4 thoughts on “Antidifferentiation and Applications of Differential Calculus

  1. Hey Thwaitesy – I think I saw that mole you are after the other day! He was trying to find himself in an ashram in India… Who would have thought SJP’s face would be so hard to find?


  2. Mr Thwaites, that calculus video is hilarious it has had me in stitches ever since you showed it to us in class today.. so much so that my parents have disowned me lol!
    Guys you really should check it out it’s hilarious.


  3. It was a good learning tool don’t you think Larissa? So what would you think about making a video tutorial like that yourself (as a class I mean). It would be in your own style? Theme, acting, setting etc would be up to you so it wouldn’t have to be a singing and dancing (unless you wanted). It could be on a mystery theme or comedy anything really. What do you think?


  4. Yeh, it would be interesting, I know there would some funny videos come out of it. And once we knew how to use the technology to make it , it would be awesome. You never some new talent might arise in some of us…lol


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