Change to Wiki files format.

As you know, the detailed solutions to the problems we do in class that I have been posting to the Specialist Maths and the Maths Methods Wikis, have been SmartBoard Notebook files. Opening these files required you to download and install the SmartBoard Notebook software. That has now changed.

Unlike my old laptop with its XP operating system, my new laptop with its Vista OS is very graphics tablet friendly. Mao was very helpful in drawing some of those features to my attention (thanks Mao)! Window Journals and, even better, Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, work more smoothly with graphics tablets than the SmartBoard software, particularly when it comes to text recognition. So from this point forward I will be creating these files using OneNote and converting them to pdf format for uploading. For you, all this means is that you will only need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files. You probably have that on your computer already!

Of course all the support files that are already on the Wiki are still in SmartBoard Notebook file format, so you will still need the SmartBoard software to read them. Over time I will work my way through them and convert them to the new format, but for the remainder of this year you will be working with both formats.

A new feature of the support files is that on the first page I have included the Mapping Tool for that chapter and exercise. The questions are also colour coded for yellow, blue or pink to make it easier to follow according to the pathway you have chosen to take.

Example of the Mapping Tool

Example of the Mapping Tool

As always, please let me know what you think, particularly in regard to any improvements that you think could be made. 🙂


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