Fire at Kambrya

An arsonist targeted students’ property setting fire to the Yr 9, 10 and 11 locker bays. Unfortunately many students lost their texts books, calculators and so on. Even worse projects and portfolios that were nearly ready to submit have also been lost. So a huge BOO to the arsonist/s. Whoever they are they clearly thought little of the students and teachers causing an estimatied $100 000 damage.

So what now? I have uploaded to the Wiki the exercises with answers that we are currently working through. I will also upload this file to the Intranet. Hopefully that will at least let you move on in Maths Methods.

This incident really shows how many innocent people these selfish vandals can do harm to, and all for a few minutes of what they consider to be “fun”! A big fat thumbs down to them!

End results of the locker bay fire in Oct 2008. Many students lost their work.

Locker bay fire in Oct 2008


4 thoughts on “Fire at Kambrya

  1. Well, well, well…I hope that whoever thought that destroying people’s belongings and nearly blowing up the entire school was “funny” is reading this. So many people have gone through so much this week, you know one minute your told everything you had is burnt to a crisp then the next you are told there might be hope. Hope only some can ever imagine. Year 11 students who have important work which they thought was safe in their lockers have lost everything. Those with exams in lesss than 3 weeks having no books, no notes and nothing at all to go off except the thought of whoever did this. You saw the photo and what is left. Whatever came out of this disaster and got returned to its owner is seriously a miracle.
    Being affected by this myself and seeing others who have lost everything, try and get on with their studies is amazing. The support from the teachers and also the year 12 students is something to be proud of. So a huge thanks to all year 12 students who have photocopied notes and support material, and a thank you to the teachers for understanding and rebuilding evertyhing form scratch. But a huge thanks should go to the amazing support that we as year 11 students (and I’m sure all of the year 9’s and 10’s are the same) get from each other.
    They do say that “Whatever doesn’t break us, only makes us stronger”.


  2. Everything Larissa said is completely true. Quite a few students taking year 12 subjects with exams so close were stunned to find flashing lights and fire engines at the school at the early hour of 6.30am. Most people shrugged it off at first.. until we found out our locker bay had been affected. Phones came out and the investigation began. Alot of important information and valuables were destroyed in the fire making classes alot harder. Wasting precious study time having to catch up on notes that had already been completed. Thanks to all those that helped anyone who lost anything in the fire or was inconvenienced by the draw back of studies so late in the year.


  3. I thought I would post my thoughts here as well. I was very lucky to get my books and belongings back. There were a few things that were burnt and melted, but the majority was alright.

    I find that what these arsonists have done has affected EVERYONE. Not just the year 9’s, 10’s and 11’s, but the whole school is shocked that someone could do such a horrible thing. Justice will be served, and they will be caught. Whether it takes weeks, months or years, they will eventually let something slip. And I hope they are left to deal with the consequences of their actions.

    This is a poem I wrote a few days after the fire, and I thought I would post it for you all to read + reflect. I am going to write a few more if I can.

    “The Power Of Fire/Justice Will be Served” written: October 8th 2008

    Fire burns, and fire dies,
    Fire disguises untold lies,
    Fire destroys, and fire lights,
    Lights up even the darkest night…

    Flames so high as the moonlit sky,
    Watch mournfully as everything dies.
    Flames so piercing as a childrens’ scream,
    What ever could these fires mean?

    Fire is tough, and fire is hate,
    Simply said it spells ‘Checkmate’,
    Fire sears, and fire is power,
    Makes one and all shudder and cower.

    Flames so low it’s hard to know,
    Which way these dreadful flames will go.
    Flames so tough as a human in need,
    Whoever could commit such a terrible deed?

    Do they realise what they’ve done?
    Or do they really think that they’ve won?
    But in fact their time will come,
    Justice will be served before the world is done.

    I hope that the arsonists realise how much it’s affected people, and that it never will happen again. We lean on each other now, and this fire has bought people closer together.

    — Sarah


  4. I am very sorry to hear of this despicable act – I hope the arsonist/s understand the impact they have had on students and teachers at the school. Best regards Mr Thwaites and students and I hope you can overcome this hurdle and triumph in the face of adversity.


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