Victorian Education Minister Bronwyn Pike Launches Intel Skoool at Kambrya.

At Kambrya College on Tuesday, Victorian Education Minister Bronwyn Pike, with Joe Hegarty, Director of Operations, Intel Innovation Centres, Ireland, launched Victoria’s partnership with Intel Ireland. Mr Marco Pantano, Enterprise Manager, Education, Intel Australia and Ms Anna O’Donovan from Intel Ireland were also present to support this important event. Intel Skoool is a set of digital learning objects and toolkits to assist students in the middle years to engage in and understand maths and science concepts.

Students in 7I, along with their teacher Alison Cox, worked together on an investigative project using one of the digital learning objects (see post dated 17th November, 2008). They posted their findings on the Intel Skoool forum so they could share these with participating students in Ireland. The forum also gave students an opportunity to exchange cultural information about Australia and Ireland.

The launch ran for 45 minutes with Minister Pike and Mr Hegarty enjoying discussions with students about what they have learned in their maths investigations. Year 7 students Michaela and Brooke coached the Minister in the use of an interactive whiteboard for learning probability. They even had her do an interactive probability test that they had prepared. The girls proved to be excellent coaches with the Minister scoring 100%!

Far from being a highly formal occasion, conversations between the Year 7 students and Minister Pike and Mr Hegarty were animated and informal. Everyone had a thoroughly good time. The picture sums up the mood of the visit! (Picture by Alan Thwaites)

Michaela and Brooke coach the Minister and Mr Hegarty on how to use an interactive whiteboard


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