Welcome to Term 2 – Not yet the “sharp end”, but getting pointer!

One SAC is down with two more to go for Semester 1! Other than that, not much will happen this term as far as assessments that really matter are concerned; at least that is how it appears. However, aside from the obvious necessity of keeping up to date with new work, you need to establish and effective pattern of revision this term. This revision pattern needs to include you regularly self assessing your progress. This is a critical part of your preparation for the final exams, now only 28 weeks away!

This time will flash by! So we are not yet the “sharp end”, but things are getting pointer!

As far as your holiday work is concerned, I have posted the complete solutions to Ex 4.3 on the Wiki. Ex 4.4 will follow soon.

Can you now point to any function and know whether to use the Chain, Product or Quotient rule to differentiate it? You should be at a point now where you can discern which rule to use within a few seconds – can you? Talk to me about this if you cannot! If you can you are ready to move on!


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