Environment Concerns and Missing Landmarks: Missing Mole is back!

It’s been quite a few months since I last commented on Sarah Jessica Parker’s split with her signature chin mole. For those of you who read the “Missing Mole” posts last year, well, I am pleased to say MM is back. You won’t see him with Sarah-Jessica though! It appears the split is permanent as she has accepted the 2009 Skinnies Award in the Missing Hollywood Landmarks category; clearly a statement of intent never to reunite with MM. Yes, the Mole will be seen in Hollywood no more! He has moved on to a more meaningful life!

Now speaking of missing landmarks, readers of last year’s post will recall the reason that MM (aka Missing Mole) had Sarah-Jessica removed, was over concerns about the shrinking Arctic ice caps. Last year it was feared that, for the first time in human history, the area directly over the North Pole would be ice-free for a short time around September. Leaving the shallow world of Hollywood stars far behind him, MM did indeed find startling issues at the pole; but there are conflicting interpretations of what is happening there.

Some claim that the whole melting ice thing is a “worn out hoax“. However, others claim that the normal annual expansion and contraction of the sea ice has changed in its nature, with there now being a significantly greater percentage of one year old, thinner ice, which is very prone to melting. Additionally, it is claimed that the total area of sea ice is decreasing at a rate of 2.7% per decade. So who should you believe? What or who should you base your belief upon? The liberated MM will investigate further! Watch this space!


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