Exam Revision – Getting started!

At the beginning of the year you were provided with a guide laying out the work you need to cover week by week. A part of this is a weekly exam revision program, using questions from previous exams. If you did not start this in term 1, well, NOW is the time to get into the habit of doing these questions. They will keep the work we have done alive and fresh in your mind for the end of year exams. You WILL forget some of the work you have done unless you do this.

While you will continue to use the Maths Methods Wiki to get solutions to the problems from the text book, Ms Day has prepared a Ning to which she has added the worked solutions to the exam revision questions. Solutions to new problems are added each week. You will need to join the Ning in the same way as you joined Wikispaces to access the Wiki. Now is the time to do this, not two weeks before the exams. I hope to see all your smiling faces up on Ms Day’s Ning list before the end of the weekend!

Happy revising!


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