Differentiation – Ex 5.5

I have posted the solutions to Ex 5.5. Something is FISHY! with Q 4 and I will get back to that in the next couple of days so just ignore that question for the moment.

We have one more Chapter to go before the next SAC so we need to keep moving. Some of you are feeling the pressure at the moment and unfortunately that will keep up until after the exam period. Just keep the pace as best you can. Often though a look at the way you are using your time can help ease some of this pressure. It is amazing how much time can be lost watching that “must see” Dancing with the Stars (or is it Biggest Loser? no matter it is basically the same thing anyway!). Sometimes a lot of time is wasted sitting thinking about how much we would rather be doing other things or the good old procrastination when we suddenly find things that must now take priority like doing the dishes, washing the dog or cutting our toenails … anything to avoid starting for a little longer! Now I know that none of you would ever do such things – that only I would do this – still, I just thought that I might mention this anyway!

Actually, if you want a five minute break (ONLY 5 minutes!) then take a look at my favourite (NOT) 80’s video hits star (cough cough …). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ94vnmvPrw They just don’t make ’em like that anymore! 😐


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