SAC next Tuesday! Are you ready?

Tomorrow we will be completing the theory for the SAC next week. How is your study going? What are you studying? You should make sure you complete the practice SAC for Friday. Clearly it is not much point completing the SAC the night before the SAC when there is little chance of correcting errors or asking for assistance! You preparation for this SAC should consist of completing all the exercises you have been given, which should largely be done bny now. Also go over this work again by taking a “sampling” of the problems. Any you have issues with spend more time on. This will keep the work you know fresh in your minds and also ensure that you “Plug” any gaps in your understanding. Solutions to Ex 6.3 will be posted by Wednesday night.

On a completely different subject, here is a video clip that I found to be very poignant. What do you think? At the end of the video, ask yourself if you just thought the baby polar bear was cute or whether you really got what was happening? Remember Sarah Jessica and her missing mole?


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