SAC 4 -Friday July 17th

Yes we have yet another SAC and once again on Calculus and Functions! This means you have done the theory, but what we are testing is your ability to apply the theory. (That is why it is called an “Application” Task! 🙂 )

Included in your “holiday” to-do tasks is the Practice SAC. Ms Day will have a “holiday” maths class for you to ask questions about the practice SAC. This will run on Tuesday morning at school. Solutions will be posted to the Ning by Ms Day. (The practice SAC were given to you in class but there is also a copy on the Ning.)

The actual SAC will take place on Friday July 17th starting at 1pm (yes at the start of lunch!) and continuing through periods 5 & 6.

The SACs count towards you marks as follows: SAC 1 – 3%, SAC 2 – 3%, SAC 3 – 12%, SAC 4 – 8%, SAC 5 – 8% (totaling 34% of your Maths Methods score)


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