Chapter 13 The Normal Distribution

Interesting that they call this the Normal Distribution. I mean, does that mean the ones we have been studying were Abnormal Distributions? In any case, we have finally arrived at our LAST chapter so YAY! That’s the good news! It also means that final exams are rushing towards us at light sped (well, maybe a tad slower). Gulp!

In celebration of this milestone I have uploaded the complete solutions to Ex 13.1 (The Normal Distribution) and Ex 13.2 (The Standard Normal Distribution). Yes, two exercises for the price of one! 🙂 There are only four exercises in this last chapter, so we are now half way through the final chapter!

Don’t forget the SAC that will be held on Tuesday September 15 – it’s your last one! Most of you already have the practice SAC. For those of you who do not, it is on the Ning!


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