Workbook Guidelines 2010

This set of guidelines is designed to assist you to maintain an organised and well looked after workbook. This is not about having a “pretty” workbook; it is about being organised so that you can work efficiently and effectively, revise efficiently and effectively and be assessed efficiently and effectively. This page is to be downloaded and pasted to the inside cover of your mathematics book for your reference. (You can download a copy of this page in MS Word Student Workbook Guidelines 2010.)

All student workbooks must have the following features include:

• A cover page including:
o Student Name
o Homegroup and Subschool
o Mathematics teacher
o Homegroup teacher
o Subschool Leader
o Border around all 4 edges of the page
• A table of contents on the page following the cover page, labelling each chapter and assessment task within the workbook
o For example:
o Chapter 1 – Number skills Page 3
o CAT 1 – Number skills Page 15
o Chapter 2 – Data and statistics Page 18
• At the start of every term, you need to paste in the Term planner so that you can keep up with your classwork and homework every week. This planner must be signed by parents/guardians at the conclusion of every week.

Each page in the student workbook needs to have the following features:
• A margin along the left hand and top edges ruled with a 30cm ruler and red pen
• The page number at the bottom right hand corner of every page
• The date written in the top right hand corner in black pen
• The name of the task written in the top left hand corner in black or coloured pen
• All question numbers must to be written in red pen
• All working out must to be completed in either blue pen or pencil
• All graphs and diagrams must be completed in pencil using rulers and drawing instruments
• If solving a problem with more than one step, each step needs to be written on a separate line with the equals sign (=) lining up underneath each other
• At the end of each exercise and task, the page must be ruled off with a 30cm ruler and red pen
• Each new exercise needs to start after the end of the last exercise.


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