SAC Preparation – Are You Doing Your Part?

As you already know, your first SAC will be in Thursday March 11th. It will cover all of Chapter 2 and Chapter 6 Ex A to G. Hopefully you have noticed the new section in the Maths Methods Wiki – SAC Prep. Here you will find practice SAC and other aids to preparing you to perform you best in the assessments you will undertake this year. The first set of SAC preparation aids I printed and distributed to you today. For the remainder of the year these aids will be available only through the Wiki (or I can provide copies for you if you bring a USB drive to class if you prefer).

Please remember our discussion about PACE and maximising your performance. Included in maintaining and effective pace is preparing for important assessments well in advance. This means now and not the night before the SAC. It is your responsibility to take full advantage of what is provided to support your studies. For the few of you who have not yet joined the Wiki, you might want to consider the impact this might have on your level of success.


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