SAC Monday May 24

We have now completed the theory for the next SAC. As you already know this SAC is based upon Chapter 4 – Quadratics. You should make sure that you have completed the exercises for Chapter 4. Complete and detailed solutions to all exercises (4A to 4M) are available on the Wiki in both Smartboard (Notebook) and PDF formats.

How can you do all you can to prepare for this SAC?

  1. Complete all exercises
  2. CHECK your answers careful and USE THE SUPPORTS AVAILABLE TO YOU on the Wiki

  3. Ask for assistance if you are still unsure
  4. Use class time efficiently. Discussing the latest games or what you did on the weekend my be interesting by there are no questions about these things on the SAC. Be productive in class or you are just hurting yourself.
  5. Do the extension work at the end of the chapter.

But really, these things are obvious aren’t they?

There is still about a week and a half left so make sure you use the preparation time wisely.


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