Recommended revision for Quadratics SAC

As you are aware, the next SAC is happening next Monday May 24! This SAC is based entirely on Chapter 4 (Quadratics), which we commenced on March 22 (last week of last term). You have been set Ex 4A to 4M to complete during these past 9 weeks, so you should be close to completing them.

You may bring in to the SAC ONE A4 sized sheet of paper, written on both sides, as support material.

As a review for the SAC it is recommended that you revisit the following questions:
Ex 4A quest 6;
Ex 4B quest 4, 5
Ex 4C quest 3,
Ex 4D quest – all
Ex 4E quest 1, 2
Ex 4F quest 4
Ex 4G quest 3, 5
Ex 4I quest 2
Ex 4J quest 1
Ex 4L quest 4 to 13, 16, 17
Ex 4M quest 1 to 9

Make sure you re-do these questions (yes even if you have done them previously – which you should have done by now)

Complete worked solutions have been on the Wiki for some time now. These show you how to do these questions if you have forgotten. Please use this resource well – it is there to support your learning.

You may also complete the review section at the end of the chapter.


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