Exam revision

By now you are well aware that the mid year exam is next Tuesday. To prepare for this important assessment you were provided with a list of questions that you should review. (You can also download a copy of this list here.)

In addition I have just uploaded solution to the relevant exercises in chapter 5: A Gallery of Graphs. These include selected questions from 5A Rectangular Hyperbolas, 5C y=SQRT(x) and 5D Circles and semi-circles.

The review questions can also be used as revision (but complete the above revision first). Additionally Ms Day is running a review class after school on Thursday.

Prepare well, which means your focus this weekend should be your exams. If you have a highly social immediately before exams then you cannot really say that you are making your best effort. Your exams should take priority if you are serious about doing well. Of course you know that is an obvious thing to say!


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