Beginning your blog

The purpose of your blog is to document your learning journey this semester. Your posts are part of your assessable work. You are not to use your school blog for private or recreational purposes.

1. Go to 

2. Choose the Free Blog option

3. While not essential, it is preferable to use an email address as you can use this to reset your password if necessary.

4. You should make your blog user name using your first initial and last name eg. if you name was Boris Valerian your username would be bvalerian (If this name is taken then use bvalerian1 or bvalerian2 and so on.)

5. Once you have created your blog make sure you keep a record of your blog address, user name and password.

We will discuss further in class how to post to your blog, change its appearance, invite people to view and comment on your posts and more. If you want to get started yourself go to the user guide at 

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