Ban Key AFL Players from Driving!

I’m angry! I want something done and I want it done soon! Rioli’s shoulder injury is fair enough. Stuff like that happens on the field. Lance Franklin’s car accident though is another story.

While this Full-forward and current leader for the Coleman medal for goal kicking narrowly escaped injury this time, it clearly shows how easily Hawthorn’s Grand Final bid could collapse. This is not the first time Franklin has put his team at risk. With no apology to his club or loyal fans, he received a 6 months suspension of his licence after he was caught doing 90 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone in July. Shame! Shame! Shame! Doesn’t Franklin get how many loyal supporters are depending upon him?

Recovering in a hospital bed following his 17th heart attack, tough little Aussie Battler and nine times decorated Vietnam Vet Aggro Aficionado demanded that something be done to protect his beloved Hawthorn. He called for all key players to be taken off the road. “The risk is too great! Take their licences away until after the Grand Final!” he demanded. “I just want to see my Hawks win the big one before I go! It’s the only thing that keeps me going,” gasped Aggro clutching his chest.

Anger Management for Men

Little Angry Man!

In a rare display of emotion, rock legend and ardent Hawthorn fan Jimmy Bournes struggled to hold back tears. “Any true Aussie would never place himself at risk when he knows we are all depending upon him”, he said. “That’s what mateship is about. It’s what the Aussie Spirit is about … sacrifice and lookin’ after yer mates! We owe it to Aggro and all his kind!” Hawthorn Officials were unavailable for comment.

Clearly, no reasonable person can argue with Aggro and Jimmy’s sentiments. Something must be done! Players like Franklin are just too important to be put at risk on our treacherous roadways. Help keep key players off the road. Vote below. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!


2 thoughts on “Ban Key AFL Players from Driving!

  1. Like the footballers, our Olympic Athletes are very important. They honour the country of Australia when they win gold medals. Silver and bronze just aren’t good enough when the Kiwis are at our heels. There should be a ban placed on all distractions for our Olympic Athletes a month before the Olympic Games. In that way, they are focussed on winning gold medals and not on twitter, facebook, our roads, partying or socialising. Our athletes need to be protected for their own good and the good of Australia.


  2. Exactly right Nicole! Once someone is at the elite level, personal rights must be subordinate to the needs of the public. It’s a sacrifice they must be prepared to make for the good of their fans! I mean do you see the Queen bungy jumping or hooning around doing doughnuts in her back yard? No! She responsibly puts her personal rights aside for the good of her public. The same should be true of elite athletes, singers, actors, sportsmen and sportswomen.

    I also think they shouldn’t be allowed to date people unless their fans approve – maybe like through a poll or something.


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