Doggie Restaurants – What does it say about us?

Does your dog ever wonder where he can go for a night out? The Chew Chew Pet Restaurant is Australia’s very first restaurant for dogs! Pooch and his pals can lap on a doggie cappuccino while they wait for their 3 course gourmet meal – an entrée of soup with a main of lamb omelette or sausage with sauerkraut & veg or tuna pressed sushi with a cupcake for dessert.
(Public Domain photo)

Chew Chew Pet Restaurant caters for cats too, but only in the evenings after all the dogs have returned home.

Would pet restaurants work the Sudan? What about in Afghanistan or Paraguay? How might people in other parts of the world view Australians if they hear that we have restaurants for our dogs? What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Doggie Restaurants – What does it say about us?

  1. i believe that for a country like Australia it is acceptable to have restraunt for dogs as Australia is a wealthy country and the owners of the pets think of them as family with equal rights and live in luxury compared to how dogs in other countries are treated. i think if a less wealthy country found out Australia has a restraunt for dogs they would asume that they waste money over animals. i think that its fair for someone to say that as they do have to live in rough conditions but if they really knew how much certain people cared for there pets they would also agree its acceptable after all its there money.


  2. i think that having a Restaurant for dogs is acceptable but i do think it is a bit over board as most dogs are not as fussy as humans but the dogs have equal rights to humans so i think it could go either way but i don’t think it says the right things about our country. In my opinion it shows that we are spending our money on silly things when we could be helping other countries that are not as lucky as ours that their dogs don’t even get half the things our dogs get let alone a restaurant


  3. I think this is a bit silly. It os ok because the dogs in Australia a usually well kept. But if you are keeping your dog inj a good condition why take them to a restruant. What if you had a very hyperactive dog that went crazy when it went in the restruant it could destroy everything there. When other countries see this, particularly third world countries, they will think we waste our money and could be using it to build better facilities, better education or even help poorer countries.


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