Would you eat a Guinea Pig?

What are you having for dinner tonight? If you were living in another part of the planet what would you be having? How might your life be different?

Here are three photo esays made from photographs from the book “Hungry Planet” by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio and published by Time.

What the World Eats, Part I -What’s on family dinner tables around the globe?

What the World Eats, Part II -What’s on family dinner tables around the globe?

What the World Eats, Part III -How families around the world shop and prepare their meals.

Once you have looked through the photo essays, post a comment about what foods you eat that might be rejected by other cultures or why people eat foods you wouldn’t or how where you live might impact your health?

Oh, as for the title of this post, if you were part of a family in Peru the answer to the question would be YES! Guinea pigs are apparently delicious and regularly eaten in Peru much as you might enjoy roast chicken! On the other hand people in Nepal are appalled that we eat beef!


8 thoughts on “Would you eat a Guinea Pig?

  1. i live in a more wealthier country so that means we can afford proper foods and not junk food. some countries cant afford the foods they need for stuff like protein and nutrients so they only eat their own vegetation they grow and some families cant even afford that so they starve. most families buy junk food because its cheap and it tastes nicer than vegetables, meat or poultry. also in some asian countries they eat animals that we think of as pets like they might eat dogs or cats and we wouldnt do that because its our pets. i wouldnt eat something like that because i would think that it was a mans best friend same as i wouldnt eat a hamster because it would of been a kids favourite pet.


  2. Actually Michael, deciding what we will or will not eat is not as simple as it seems. We don’t always know what we are eating. The bread we eat contains l-cysteine. There is a “natural” l-cysteine and a synthetic one. You might like to research what l-cysteine is derived from and post what you find out. This is just one example.


  3. I guess if I was in another place on the plante and I had to eat it I would. But I would not eat one over here because one it’s animal cruelty and you can get in trouble for that which would suck 😦 and I don’t think it would taste that good


  4. Depending on where i live i would it what ever i have to if i want live currently living in Australia i see no reason to have to eat a guinea pig as it not exactly a common food to the people living here and not the type of food i would enjoy eating :/ but people eating a guinea pig isnt really any different from eating any other form of meat in the end we have killed a animal to eat 😦


  5. I guess if I lived in a country that’s was not as wealthy as Australia I would most properly eat a guinea pig as that would be one of the best things in those sort of countries but because I am not living in those countries I would differently not eat a guinea pig as I refer to them as pets not a food product ! And in our country this is called animal cruelty because they are pets!


  6. I live in Australia and trust me people in Australia do not eat Guinea Pig or another little Animal like that but if i was in a third world country and that was one of the more cheaper options of food then i would probaly have to eat it. Last year in Food Tec we made sausages out of Kangaroo meat so how big of a difference is that to Guinea Pigs? And plus if that was one of the last things to eat then i would obviously have to eat if i had a choice or not. What happens if the Guinea Pigs actually tasted really nice would you want more?


  7. I guess if I was in another place on the planet and I had to eat it I would. But I would not eat one over here, for one, it’s aniaml cruelty and guinea pigs are too cute to eat.


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