I need a holiday! Bouvet Island looks nice!

I love my holidays! Who doesn’t? Like me, you probably use the Internet to research and book your holidays. So far this has worked out well. On arrival at our booked-online accommodation it was, more or less, as we expected it to be. Apparently though, this is not always the case. Just Google “my holiday nightmare” or “horror holiday” and see for yourself. So should I be worried about using the Internet to book my next holiday? No way! It’s all good as far as I am concerned. In fact, I’ve been using the Internet to research my next holiday destination – Bouvet Island! Apparently tourism there is thriving! I’m excited! Just have a look at what my holiday research has revealed so far.

Actually, before you look at what I have discovered so far in the list below, CLICK HERE to check out what Bouvet Island is actually like. Do it now before reading further.

OK, now that you checked the last link, what do you think of Bouvet Island for a holiday? Does it look fantastic or what! Just see what a little bit of Internet research has revealed (click the thumbnail pictures to enlarge):

Where to stay on Bouvet Island: my.accomodation.com gives me a choice of B & Bs, guest houses and motels. I can even choose how close I want to be to the beach or a lake! Cool!
Car hire on Bouvet Island: Wow! My choice of car depending upon whether I want to do some touring or maybe go to a business meeting. Whatever I want, autocarhire.com has the Bouvet Island car hire solution I need! Awesome!
Going on safari while on Bouvet Island: I always wanted to go on a safari and here’s my chance! http://www.safariadventureholidays.com offers me the top safari destinations on Bouvet Island! I wonder if I’ll see any lions?
Things to do on Bouvet Island: At least I won’t be bored. Excursiopedia.com offers me “a list of unique offers and experiences” while I am on Bouvet Island. Exciting!
Getting an education on Bouvet Island: This Island has everything! Degrees, Diplomas, even PhD’s. I’ll come back with a tan and an education!

Would you use the Internet to book your next holiday? How can you be sure you are safe? What would you recommend?


5 thoughts on “I need a holiday! Bouvet Island looks nice!

  1. wow! I never knew the internet could do that. but in my opinion, you just have to look into where your going and making sure your going in the right place. i would still use the internet to look for holidays but make sure it’s not anything false. Research!


  2. I never thought that there would be so many lies on the internet about a place. I think that when I look at booking a place on the internet I do a lot of research. I would definetly only book a holiday through a website that is used a lot.


    • Criminals usually catch out the gullible, the unwary or the greedy Hayden. If you think a deal is too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true! It pays to be alert adn double check. Otherwise the Internet is a fantastic tool!


  3. i have never been on a holiday but what i have heard they are great but some are disgusting on how the staff at the place you are staying treat you but it wont stop me from going on a holiday


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