Can you see past the obvious?

It has been interesting reading people’s responses to various posts. They reveal a lot about the way people think. Some really get what the posts are about – I mean they really get it! Others seem to focus on a word in the title or something else in the post and miss the main point. Here is what I mean:

  • In the post on Ban women from university? Who chooses? was this post about a) going to university? or b) whether women are as smart as men? or c) whether banning women from university is “stupid”? or d) whether women should be allowed to choose whatever university course they want? or e) whether discrimination against a group of people by a governments is acceptable?
  • In the post on Legal discrimination? No way! Are you sure? was the story of Cheng a) a true story about discrimination against a boy in a wheelchair? or b) a made up story used to explain the difference between “direct discrimination” and “indirect discrimination”?
  • In the post on You did what? A Tattoo? Are you mad? is this post about a) whether tattoos look good or not? or b) whether people who have tattoos are discriminated against? or c) the extent to which fashion trends influence our decisions (ie the post isn’t really about tattoos, it just uses tattoos as an example) or d) whether or not tattoos are a fashion trend in Western Culture?

You might discuss this with people in your class and then post your thoughts about what THIS post is really about?

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