International Rescue – Afghanistan comes to Alkira

Today some Alkira students were able to Skype with International Rescue Committee workers Bazgha Iftikhar and her colleague Najeeb.

Bazgha and Najeeb are located in Kabul, Afghanistan and it was a great privilege to be able to discuss with them the work they are doing in education in that country. More of such sessions will follow.

Following this Skype session, what questions came to your mind? For this post, simply post questions you would like to discuss in a future session.


30 thoughts on “International Rescue – Afghanistan comes to Alkira

  1. hey Bazgha i have 2 questions for you,
    1. how do you go about getting groceries and
    2. do you teach the same children everyday, or does it interchange?


  2. I have heard the people in Afghanistan sit on cushions that are placed on a large rug on the floor, rather than sitting on chairs around a table to eat their meals. Is this correct?

    What are the most common foods in Afghanistan?

    How do you know the price of an item that you would like to buy? Does it have a price tag?


  3. What kind of oppurtunites will the kids that you are providing with education have in the future? What kinds of jobs will the end up getting?

    Do you think that the army should pull out of Afganistan or do you think that they should stay?


  4. 1. How many students do you teach and see in a week?
    2. Does it take a long time for the kids to understand and learn the things you teach them?


  5. 1. If students have a disability or learning disorder are they underpriviliged or have the same opporunities as everyone else?
    2. If you were to ever change jobs from working at the IRC where would you work?
    Thanks 🙂


  6. 1. how many years of education do girls have? including university.
    2. Do all children get education in Afghanistan? if not how many percentage do? how many percentage of it are girls?
    3. what is the percentage of women working in Afghanistan in the whole population.
    thank you


    • That is a very good question Alex. To understand why the International Rescue Committee is operating in Afghanistan you need to find out about the Government that is there now, but also the previous governments. It is a very different place to Australia in many ways. The current government in Afghanistan is trying to make changes, but it has a lot things to overcome. People like Bazgha and Najeeb spear head effort to change and work with many government and non-government agencies and group to produce that change, but progress is slow. This post will give you more information.


  7. this is a really good article because it shows that one more person in the world cares or wants to care about others even if they are half way around the world.


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