Ultranet Reporting Trial at Alkira

What is the most powerful feature of the Ultranet? Without doubt it is the ease with which it facilitates continuous communication between parents, students and their teacher/s. This increased communication improves learning opportunities for students.

Teachers can distribute curriculum materials and assess student work against VELs, AusVEL, VCE or VCAL assessment criteria. Learning issues are identified and quickly communicated. Students can download learning tasks, submit completed work and receive feedback from teachers. Parents can track their child’s progress over time, view attendance and assessment data and even check when assignments are due. This information can be viewed online 24/7.

The Ultranet will not replace parent-teacher interviews, but rather than having to wait until that time to find out how their child is progressing, parents can monitor the progress of their son or daughter whenever they choose. This will change the focus of parent-teacher interviews. With the details of their child’s progress already known to them, parents will be able to use the interview to discuss specific areas of need and develop strategies to improve their daughter or son’s learning, in partnership with their child and the teacher.

Whenever you buy a new camera, car, TV, computer and so on, there is always that initial period of learning required. Personally I find that time a bit frustrating. I just want to get on with using my new purchase! This is the case with anything that is new to us. Initially, it does take some time to familiarise yourself with how to navigate the Ultranet, but the ongoing long term benefits absolutely outweigh the short term inconvenience of having to learn to how to use the system.

At last we all have access to an online tool that can really help with student learning from Foundation (Prep) to Year 12. The Ultranet makes communication between teachers, parents and student easy.

What do teachers involved in the trial think about the Ultranet?

If you are a student, what do you think about your parents being able to view your progress online any time they wish?


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