How can the same be different?

There was no warning; it just dropped dead! Four trees of the same species, all the same age and size, all planted in the same spot experiencing the same conditions. Yet three are thriving and other is as dead as the proverbial Dodo! Clearly, even trees are individuals!

This made me wonder; how can some things be the same and yet be so very different?

…and then there were three! Why?

Have you ever wondered why one person can see a spider on the wall and not be worried about it, while another person screams and rushes from the room in terror? It’s the same situation for both people, yet they react so differently. Here are some other examples:

  • My wife loves rhubarb, but I hate it. It’s the same taste, yet the experience for each of us is different!
  • While it is hard to believe, some people don’t like ice cream! How can that be?
  • Some people like to sleep with the window open, others like it closed.
  • Some people like dogs, other people like cats, still others like snakes.
  • Some people like Harry Potter while others can’t stand Harry!
  • Some people are terrified of going to the dentist, others aren’t so bothered!
  • Some people are racist and/or sexist in their thinking while others are not.

Why do people respond so differently to the exact same thing? What do you think?


11 thoughts on “How can the same be different?

  1. This blog I found very interesting because I’ve never really thought about this before. I mean I’ve known that especially humans react to the same things differently but never known why. What I might think the answere is that maybe were all unique and genuine not just with humans but with all living things.


  2. This post has really messed with my mind … well in a good way, so any how it has made me think about how some of my best friends LOVE Vegimite yet i Hate it. we like the same thing and talk about all the same stuff, yet it never occured to me on how two of pretty much same people … hate one of the most loved substances in Australia!


  3. it is a very wierd thing for three identical trees and one die i guess it just shows that nothing is the same it may look the same grow the same but it will never be the same because they are three identical but seperet trees.


  4. This explains that everyones different. Anyone can be scared, despise of something while the other won’t be bothers or likes it.
    It’s all about being unique I guess.


  5. I think this s a very good example on how we are all different but the same. this in humans can be because of ethnicity, colour and or beliefs and religion. Just because this one tree died doesn’t mean its any different it is still the same species of tree planted at the same time, its the same hjust different 🙂


  6. I think that past experiences and things we are brought up with change our opinion on different things causing us to react differently. I also think that our friends and family have a big role in changing and also creating our own opinions.


  7. everyone has their own individuality and it seems even trees do.. Its the same as if you walk into a class room there might be three child with brown hair and one with blonde, the child with blonde hair is still a human and the same as everyone esle but is different in their own way. Everyone has something another person doesn’t this just makes us indivial and unique.


  8. Similar reason to Sarah, everyone has there own individuality. Also it could depend on how much water or sunlight each tree got. One might have not got any of both and the rest might have got loads.


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