Rules are for who?

There are some interesting rules we are given in life.  No dessert unless all your veggies are eaten. No tv until all your homework is done. Well this year I face a new rule, one that I am struggling to understand…

Are there rules in your life that you think aren’t fair?

Last year I was selected to be a part of a scholarship program Yad Vashem, which is the International School for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem, Isreal. What an incredible opportunity! An authentic experience to learn from the crème de la crème of experts in Holocaust studies and take it back to my students.

Of course, before I left I wanted to know as much as possible about this country, so I did some research. I was shocked to find that having a stamp in my passport from Israel, actually holds great meaning. It means that I cannot visit a number of countries if I use that passport on future travels. Some of these countries include

  • Iran
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen

You can Read more: (Accessed 9/10/2012)

Do you think that this is fair? More importantly, why do you think this rule would exist?


9 thoughts on “Rules are for who?

  1. So that would be like your neighbour not letting you onto their property because they saw you visit another neighbour whom they did not like!

    There is a saying – “The friend of my enemy is my enemy.” Does having the stamp of a particular country in your passport automatically make you a friend of that country? It seems to me that some countries are saying “Just being a tourist in my enemy’s homeland makes you my enemy! Keep out!” What would make them feel justified to take up such an extreme position I wonder?


  2. I do not think that this is fair, I mean it is like your neighbour not letting you on their property because you went to a neighbour that they dilike, like what mr Thwaites said. I can not believe that counrtries would actually go through all that trouble for just a stamp from Israel, I find it unbelievable. The only reason that the rule might exist is there might’ve been a war between the countries, or maybe Israel stole something from the other countries.


  3. I don’t think that is fair at all, i completely agree with Devleta and Mr Thwaites.
    But i suppose no one ever really agrees with every single rule but they were made and are important to someone for a reason.
    but yes rules are made to be broken but some are also made for a reason whether we agree with them or not.


  4. I don’t believe this is fair after all we only live once and due to countries miss understandings, the restrictions as to what we are able to view should not come down to this. Howevever I also beleive we need to respect these countries decisions in order to keep the world at peece.


  5. I think that this is totally unfair but ialso sympethise that there must have been a good reason this rule was put in place, I beleive that this rule was put in place for diplamatic reasons or simply for the fact that these countries have experienced issues relating to internation travel before.


  6. I think this is completely unfair and basically its stating outright that these countries are paranoid enough to think that if you have been to a country that they dont like it automatically makes you a spy or just someone they should dislike.


  7. I think this rule is a ridiculous rule because I don’t such rule could be up hold or obeyed. This rule is confining for people right and freedom. If this rule exists then it might be because religious conflicts or wars that has acurred in the passed history between countries.


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