Half the Sky – a Facebook game with a real difference!

Last October we published a post about a soon to be released game designed to empower women and girls across the world. (See New Facebook Game: Half the Sky) On March 4 this game became available to anyone with a Facebook account.

Above: Screen shot of Radhika who, rather than remain silent, confronts her husband after he says that they cannot afford medical treatment for their sick daughter.
The game is a story about a woman named Radhika who lives with her daughter and husband in a village in India. They have very little money, hardly any education and, as a woman in her culture, it might seem that Radhika has little power to improve life for herself and her family … or does she?

This game takes you on Radhika’s journey. Along the way, you find out about the real life issues she and other women like her have to face and you her help her make life changing decisions. You also have opportunity to connect to real-life ways to support women and girls like Radhika.

Above: Screen shot of one of the many opportunities to provide real life support. Sponsors also contribute.
“Players will embark on a global journey which begins in India, and moves on to Kenya, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, ending in the U.S. Along the way, players will meet different characters and take action in a very simple way by unlocking funds from the game’s sponsors to make direct impact. For example, players can collect books for young girls in the virtual world and then activate a real-life donation of books to Room to Read. “(Source: http://www.facebook.com/HalftheGame/info).

The developers believe that “the game could raise awareness of important issues amongst a generation that’s becoming more and more social media-dependent.” Do you think they are correct? Are games like this an effective way to educate young people about important issues?

Games for Change, a non-profit organisation that aims to “leverage entertainment and engagement for social good“, produced the game. NGO (Non-government organisations) partners include the Fistula Foundation, GEMS, Heifer International, ONE, Room to Read, the United Nations Foundation, and World Vision.

You can learn more about the game by watching the video:


16 thoughts on “Half the Sky – a Facebook game with a real difference!

  1. Judging by how much media lets the modern society aware of the things around us I think that this us, a facebook game would be a great way to raise awareness. Like the video explained, there are many people playing Facebook games, although an educational one may not be so appealing to some a lot of young people seem to prefer learning using interactive games more than reading of textbooks and writing on the whiteboard. If this game gets around to a lot of facebook users it is likely to raise awareness.
    A lot of people learn better when they are enjoying themselves and f this game is fun there is higher chance of people learning from it.


  2. I beleive that this facebook game may give the players an insight as to what life may be like for others yet I also think that the game really shows how much we rely on the social networks to teach us new things., Although this idea is well thought out why did it have to be on social networking sights where the company who made it profits but claims its doing benefits to young kids?


  3. I think this idea is brilliant, because most of our generation is on Facebook anyways,and having a game like this where we can play it could raise a lot of awareness around the world and educate younger people. I totally agree with Janani that a lot of people learn better when they are having fun, but then again I agree with Adam as well, that we rely a lot on the social networks to teach us new things. So I think it is a good idea but not everything has to be on social networks for us to learn new things.


  4. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has played the game. What did you think of it? What did it teach you about real life issues? Did it make you think about what you could do to help? Did it make you think about your own life?


  5. Finally, something on the internet that can actually help a human being in need. Judging how our generation is now a days, posting ridiculous fake status’s about helping people and making fake photos that say it will help someone. But this here is the real deal.. This could really make a difference and make our world just a little bit better.


  6. I think this game is a quite good idea because it teaches you things and it is also on facebook but I imagen its mostly for kids and most teenagers who go on facebook wont play it. It is still very smart and will hopefully get popular because more people need to need to play games like this instead of cod because at least you get something out of it.


  7. I think this idea of presenting this type of game in a popular social websites like Facebook is a great idea to provide awareness to people across the world that are unfamiliar with these type of real life situations. People in the Western countries have only heard about this type of struggle have never been in one, and this game in my opinion give a experience to our young generation of how people in other third world countries live through.


  8. a lot of people all around the world play games and this can really help donate and help educate kids about what is going around the world


  9. Well it’s certainly a great way to commence however I’m not sure if it tells how many people have played it but I was curious to know how much people have gone and actually played this because as what Kane said the target audience just by looking at the picture, which is what children do at a juvenile age, is particularly attracting children, if I am wrong please correct me! In which I question whether they even have Facebook or not. Then there are young teenagers that honestly don’t bother clicking on it from my personal experience. However I think it is a beneficial idea If people go on it otherwise it is unbeneficial.


  10. Games like this can create awareness of big issues such as this, although it’s a matter of understanding the game. Games like this can be to someone’s interest it also can’t be to their interest. Many people chose to ignore games and problems like this which means that the game won’t be payed much attention to. Can someone really benefit from a game like this and if so do they know what knowledge they are gaining? I myself have played this game and saw that there is only more than 100,000 people playing it out of the 1 billion people that have facebook accounts. This just shows that either not many people know about the game or the people don’t pay any attention to it.


  11. I think a Facebook game is a great idea. I mean, these days nearly everyone goes on computer and Facebook. And Facebook is a really popular place for developed countries.

    Games like this will show others who don’t know about these issues and teach them. This could lead to possibilities amongst the real people who live like this (as the facebook game)


  12. i think that this is a good idea to promote this idea as a game through Facebook because that’s the 2 major things that kids access every day so to me its a pretty good idea and they should go through with it.


  13. Putting a game like this on facebook? that is an amazing idea just because you get these reckless lazy teens who sit on facebook all day with nothing better to do then play games. With this life insighting game it will help them open their eyes!


  14. this is a good idea.
    you get to experience what other countries do and how much we have it good here. we get to see what it would also be like over there


  15. I like how they are getting information through Facebook about other countries in the world that go through difficulties day after day. I hope that the game is exciting and engages young kids and old kids to play other wise it would not get played


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