Kill a bird for 10 cents!

According to Coca-Cola’s website people enjoy nearly 1.6 billion servings of our productsevery day. That is certainly nice for Coca-Cola. They must be making lots of money. Good for them! There is certainly nothing wrong with that in itself, but just think about that number for a moment.

1.6 billion empty cans and plastic bottles EVERY DAY!

So, after you have finished your refreshing drink and you are standing there with an empty can or plastic bottle in your hand, what do you, and everyone else, now do with those 1.6 billion empty cans and plastic bottles? Yes, all those people who now want to get rid of those 1.6 billion empty cans and plastic bottles, what do they do every day, 365 days per year, year after year, decade after decade? What happens to all those empties?

If you do the “right thing” and put your empties in a bin then those will end up in the environment as land fill. (Yes they are STILL in the environment – it is just that they are buried in the ground so nobody sees them.) Many though are thoughtlessly thrown away to eventually find their way into bushland, rivers, lakes and the sea. Once in the environment a plastic bottle is a killer that takes over 100 years to breakdown. (see

In Australia there is a push going on for a National Container Deposit Scheme. Basically, you pay 10 cents more for your Coke, but this is refunded when the empty bottle or can is returned for recycling. South Australia has had such a system for 30 years now and between 75-85% of the cans and bottles in that State are returned for recycling. To put it another way, because of the 10 cent deposit, 75-85% of the empty cans and bottles in South Australia DO NOT END UP IN THE ENVIRONMENT. Other states, including Victoria, recover only around 35%, ie only 35% of cans and bottles do not end up in the environment – so 65% do! That is a huge difference!

Coca-Cola is fighting in the courts to prevent the 10 cent deposit system from happening. Why would this super rich company do this? How do you feel about it? Do you care? Should Australia have a National Container Deposit Scheme?

You can read more here about the actions being taken


15 thoughts on “Kill a bird for 10 cents!

  1. Littering, pretty bad, its illegal alright. But most good people hang on to their bottles for a few minutes, and if they’re at home the council will have a recycling bin and will use that to make more bottles and other handy things made of aluminum or plastic.


  2. To have a safe environment for Australia in the future I think that South Australia is doing a great job and i think the rest of Australian states should do the same for the sake of Australia. If we don’t start recycling soon Australia will no longer be a safe environment, which could affect the generation of the future.


  3. Australia’s enviroment being safe for the future is great and they are doing a great job every should be doing all this if nothing changes and we all just keep going the way we are now there will be no enviroment ! i think that evry one needs to start recycling now !


  4. I believe that more Australians should really stand up for their country and recycle everything recyclable and not leave it to the environment. I think that Australia should have a National Container Deposit Scheme, I mean if it has already made a difference in one state why wouldn’t it work in the other states, and all we have to do is pay an extra 10 cents, which honestly isn’t much. If it will really help the environment i am up for paying just an extra 10 cents, most people won’t even realize it.


  5. I wonder why Coca-Cola and other similar companies are so opposed to it? Most of Cokes advertisements seem to promote the idea of young people all having a good time outdoors at the beach in a nice clean environment. Yet they actually went to court only a couple months back and successfully prevented Northern Territory from introducing a recycling scheme. Why? What is there reason?


  6. plastics a covering the seas and some are even killing some of the animals so just return it and you can get 10 cents for it.


  7. Statistics say that the 10 cent deposit system for coca cola bottles has had a positive impact on the environment as South Australia has tested it, so how come other states in Australia don’t see how this can potentially emend the future generations well being and make a small change to the global climate change which is sufficient to last us a day extra? Well to me it is self explanatory, the coca cola industries have gotten to attached to making revenues that they simply don’t care about the environment any more, to them money can buy happiness, however, what are you going to do with that money when your planet is going through severe climate changes that can annihilate every living creature on earth including yourself. What coca cola is doing now which is fighting in the courts to prevent the 10 cent deposit system from happening fills me with enrage as they don’t see the bigger picture for the future for, not just their country but for their planet, which is that there won’t be any future. Not just coca cola but everyone should get the message that earth is undergoing a lot changes in which we are creating like pollution and we should stop these changes because we certainly cannot expect Mother Nature to. Therefore Australia should be a great leader and have a national container deposit scheme to lead the way to a more vibrant future.


  8. I do believe that Australia should have a National Container Deposit Scheme because I you think about it ten cents isn’t a lot at all so spending 10 cents more wouldn’t hurt. Many shops are also doing this with their plastic bags, as plastic bags are a big issues and threat to wildlife. Many marine species have gone endangered or extinct because people are too careless about what happens to their rubbish. If the rubbish from things like cans, bottles and plastic bags can be reduced then many species of life would be saved. I think it’s bad that a rich company like coca cola are taking court action against this. At the end of the day it’s just ten cents more, not a dollar or 100 dollars more just ten cents.


  9. I don’t see why Coca-cola is trying to stop this from happening. Do they care about the environment? Don’t they care that if pollution or endangering wildlife becomes worse that they, as people, will be effected. Not only the company. I believe that the recycling scheme is a good thing, since 10 cents isn’t much spending money and it gets refunded later anyways.

    Although if they successfully prevented this system in NT, they must have some good reasons and evidence to back up their cause and win.


  10. I honestly think Australia should do something about littering and such (and plastic drink bottles ending up in the environment) Apart from South Australia (which are doing a better job at keeping the environment clean compared to the other states, the other states should bring up some new plans and introduce them to the community.

    Plans to-
    -Stop pollution
    -Get people to recycle.

    And Like Janani mentioned I don’t understand why Coca Cola is trying to stop any plans from going into further action. What I think is that the company does care about the environment but about the money they earn and that’s enough for them…


  11. i think that the people who litter and know the consequences are a disgrace they should know better there will be a bin somewhere its just that they are too lazy and cant be bothered to walk a few more steps to put it in the bin, if everyone was to put there rubbish in the bin they would be doing Australia a favor but of course they don’t care.


  12. Coca cola is the main product that advertises recycling and a clean ‘Future’ yet there cans and bottles are the main source of litter and people not using bins …


  13. why is it just Coca cola doing this. it’s like saying that coke is a bad influence to drink because we don’t recycle it and that every other one is good.
    but it would be a good idea because we will be saving animals lives.


  14. People across the world that enjoy products like beer or fizzy drinks that are in plastic or glass bottles get enjoyment of the product which is a refreshing drink. If they get enjoyment of drink they should have to by law put it in the bin instead of littering. I do not think that it is the makers of the products fault as they put logos and messages on the drink to recycle and throw out the product in the bin. It is simply the consumers fault, I believe they should get fined


  15. I agree with alex people that litter and consider and know the consequences that brings them. and being lazy isn’t a good enough reason!


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