And the space weather report for today is …

Low solar activity with a slight chance of M-class flares. High speed solar wind stream increasing to 600 km per second but easing later in the day. Geomagnetic activity is Quiet to Unsettled with high-frequency radio communications normal.

I did not just make that up and it’s not something from a sci fi movie. That really is the space weather report for July 27, 2013.

I.P.S. (Ionospheric Prediction Service), is the space weather branch of the Bureau of Meteorology. It monitors and forecasts space weather conditions. Space weather refers to what is happening the space environment in the region between the Earth and Sun. (You can watch this animation if you want a deeper explanation.)

Public Domain image (Picture in the Public Domain)

What is happening on the sun can effect our daily life in many ways. Here are just a few:

  • Radio communications can be disrupted, including satellite communications (our GPS may not work) and your favourite FM radio station may degrade in quality or even fail
  • Electric current surges can be induced in powerlines causing power failures and underground metal pipes can corrode
  • Satellite experience increased drag which reduces their life expectancy and they can even receive phantom commands that can cause them to go out of control
  • Astronauts can be killed by high energy charged particles. This is a significant threat for interplanetary travel.
  • Aurora (The Southern Lights) can be seen as far north as Melbourne.

(Source IPS Richard Thompson)

Should we care about information like this?


13 thoughts on “And the space weather report for today is …

  1. I believe that we should care about information like this because when something that is solar powered becomes “wrecked” it could just be something short termed happening on the sun, or in space, and we would never know this unless we actually hear about the space weather. We should also know about the space weather so that astronauts don’t get killed because of the high energy charged particles. We would finally have answers to why our radio communications get disrupted, why our GPS won’t work etc.


  2. I say we should care about information like this because it is important to know what is going on even out side of earth and if it can effect our satellites or astronauts its good to know just in case.


  3. I think Delli is right we do need to care about that sort of information because it makes other things all not working properly and the age will end up not be getting as old. it will basically make us die at an earlier age.


  4. Yes I think we need to know this information because it tells us things that might or could happen in the future. Like how the fm radio might degrade or fail,this is important because the radio gives us information between the day and what is happening between the day.


  5. I belief that we should care about this information because it can cause a lot of harm and it’s amazing what the sun can do from so far away in space.


  6. I think we should care about information like this because if it influences daily-life in such ways, we should think about how, why and if we can prevent things like deaths of astronauts due to charge particles to be prevented. We could also improve our knowledge on space.


  7. I think that even though this affects us I think that the power of the sun is out of our hands as space is unpredictable. I believe this would be a big problem for the earth as this can affect our day to day lives.


  8. It is important to know more about the earth but it doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t affect us too much, it might get hotter but its not that bad! If the sun crashed into the earth, then I would care


  9. I think this information is relevant to our lives and it is crucial for us to have fairly clear understanding of what is out side earth. Space makes a lot of impacts on earth that’s why we should care about information like this.


  10. Currently we are undergoing lots of environmental issues and these have successfully reached the younger generations attention because we constantly are reminded of these substantial issues which are commendable because one way or another it will affect us. However we are not that educated about issues that aren’t on earth such as the weather in space, I have heard about weather in general which is on earth but not enough about weather in space which is also significant, and therefore we need to be meticulous about every issue. In the end earth is in the solar system and we live on earth home to the solar system so if we have to take care of earth shouldn’t it make sense for us to also take care of our solar system. Furthermore if we are going to try and decompose every issue earth is undergoing to try and make our future sustainable then we should do the same for its home. Nevertheless,this information is important.


  11. all the info is important to people who study this topic as a profession and if some thing goes good or bad the people who study it can tell everyone whats going on so i do think it is important. (even though it does not affect the normal persons life to much)


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