Hunt if you want, but don’t be an idiot!

Last week someone shot two arrows into a female eastern grey kangaroo. Personally I don’t like hunting, but this post isn’t about hunting. This post is about being an idiot. The person who shot this kangaroo is, in my opinion, an idiot.

Some would say that it is not right to refer to anyone as an idiot, but sometimes it just fits. One definition of idiot is an “uneducated or ignorant person”. I would consider getting into a canoe in Port Phillip Bay and setting off to paddle to Tasmania without first educating yourself about what was involved as an act of idiocy. A hunter who goes and buys a gun, but did not educate him or herself about when and where they can use it, as well as how to safely use it, would also be an idiot, in my opinion.

So why do I say that the person who shot arrows into the kangaroo is an idiot? It is not because they committed an illegal act by trying to kill an animal that is protected by the law of Australia. (That makes them a criminal, but not necessarily an idiot.) Why are they an idiot? Take a close look at the arrows that have embedded in the kangaroo. Notice anything? Did you take a close look?
See video source for the source of this picture.The arrows embedded in the kangaroo are practice arrows designed to embed in a target. Arrows used in hunting have a broad head with a sharp cutting edge designed to kill the animal. The person who shot the kangaroo pictured above had no idea what they were doing. They just went out and shot something. The person who shot this kangaroo is an idiot. Rescuers took a day to catch the kangaroo, which was treated and survived. Her joey did not survive. What do you think this person’s action says about him?



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