Hilary didn’t make it … who cares?

This post is follow on from Hunt if you want, but don’t be an idiot! The kangaroo, who was shot with the arrows by someone who was so ignorant that they did not know the difference between arrows designed for shooting at targets and arrows designed for hunting, has died.

After hoping around for over a day with the arrows sticking out of her back and leg she was captured by wildlife rescuers and had survived the surgery to remove the arrows. She had been recovering well at a wildlife shelter, but last Saturday was found dead in her enclosure. You can read more here at the Wildlife Victoria website.
Hilary soon after she died with carer Sue.
Picture source: http://www.wildlifevictoria.org.au/arrow-attack

A man handed himself in to police and was later released. Police also found two people armed with cross bows in the Endeavour Hills area where the kangaroo was shot. They were questioned and released. Some people might say it is only a kangaroo. Others might view the killing of this kangaroo as outrageous. Others might feel unsafe themselves knowing that people are walking about Endeavours Hills parks shooting crossbows. Should the people doing this be charged or doesn’t it really matter?


One thought on “Hilary didn’t make it … who cares?

  1. I find it really sad to know that someone take a kangaroo’s life away. he is doing it illegally because he can’t just go shooting an aero, so I reckon he should definitely be charged. firstly it is unsafe for people as well and secondly they are killing an animal.


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