X-Factor Canberra Style!

We all love to follow personalities. There are people we love to love and people we love to hate. X-Factor, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and Australia’s Got Talent don’t just focus on people’s talent, but on the people themselves. We want to hear their stories and then either we are moved and want them to win, or we dislike them and want them to lose. Even better, we can vote for them or vote them off according to our wishes! So is all this voting about the personalities or is it about their talent? It looks to me like it is both.

What about in an election? Do we vote for the candidate with the best “talent”? For a politician their “talent” is their policies – what they and their party say they will do. Or perhaps we vote based on what the politician looks like or whether we like them as a person or not? Surely it is their policies that are the truly important thing? From what I have observed though, voters seem to take much more notice of the whether they like the person or not. Policies seem less important. It seems that the average Australian’s approach to voting is basically X-Factor Canberra style!

What do you think? Do Australians vote for the person or for their policies?

Image source The Chronicle

Image source SMH

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