Warning of high deadly snake numbers … bah and humbug!

According to the ABS in 2011, 147 000 people died in Australia. What were the causes?
Cancers: approx. 27000
Heart Disease: approx. 27000
Strokes: approx. 12000
Dementia and Alzheimer’s: approx. 10000
Suicide: approx. 2000
Accidental falls: approx. 1800
Diabetes: approx. 4000
Road deaths: 1277 (Aust), 287 (Vic)

Annual Snake bite deaths in Australia: 2-3

Instead of seeing news headlines like “Warning of high deadly snake numbers as woman dies from snakebite” shouldn’t we be reading “Warning of high deadly fries & hamburger numbers as woman dies from clogged arteries”! Why do we get so worked up about things like snake attacks, which hardly ever happen, and yet don’t think much about things that are a much greater danger to us?

To learn more about the realities of living in a snake rich country, follow Barry Goldsmith, a professional snake remover located in Mornington, on his Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Snakecatchervictoria

Ref: http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Lookup/3303.0Chapter42011


2 thoughts on “Warning of high deadly snake numbers … bah and humbug!

  1. It’s because people care more about physical things more than things like cancer, stroke because they might be more scared to die of snake bits or something physical than the non physical things. Also the different company businesses might go down if you put the headlines,“Warning of high deadly fries & hamburger numbers as woman dies from clogged arteries”! People will think differently and not go to those places or watch that news because people might not find it interesting.


    • I like how you link business interests to what the news might or, in this case, might NOT publish Zaki. It is true that some things do hurt business profits. Since newspapers, and TV news and so on, rely upon business to pay them to run their advertisements, they might be reluctant to say too much about things that might upset these businesses. Attacking hamburger sales would likely upset McDonalds and Hungry Jacks! Also, you are right that some things stimulate our thinking more than others. Someone being attacked by a snake and dying is sensational news. Just one more person dying of cancer or heart disease is of less interest to the public in general. Yet, really, which of these two events, someone dying of snakebite or someone dying of cancer impacts upon the largest number of people? So maybe people would rather read what is more unusual because that seems more interesting? Could this be why we are so obsessed with snake and spider attacks and other such things?


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